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Tartálygyártó Kft.

2451 Ercsi,
Szlatina Ipartelep klt.
0171/19 hrsz.

+36 23 540 006

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TÜV certified

Our company, Agrostahl Ltd. is grounded in1992.

We are specialized for producing different kind of food industry equipments, tanks, silos etc.

There are the 4 different areas which play an important part in our activities:

At the start of our activities we manufactored in smaller, but later more complicated, larger sized industry equipments and technologies as well.

In course of time, we were able to produce own designed storage tanks, and our original main activity widened with technical assembly.

Together with growing the size of our tanks, we installed special vehicles for transporting the large equipments in case of demand.

We can tell, that we were able to make hugest tanks which were possible to deliver also on rail and on roud.

In that cases when the manufactured parts, items has to put together on premises, we enterprise on field study as well.

 In these days Agrostahl L.t.d. has qualified weldors, and own designer capacity as well.

Thanks for the time we managed to get high expirience, and in our activity typifys the esthetical assurance. Our work try to compliance the special, wide range of customer demands, and the observe which are all natural in the food industry.

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